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You can learn about all of my endeavors on this main site! From my businesses to books to social media to affiliate services, it's all here!  

Look around for as long as you like and see if you find something you need. In any case, you definitely know how to find me now!  

As an author and trainer, I help individuals & businesses network and connect with their ideal clients and customers to MONITIZE their networking efforts and stop NETWORKING FOR NOTHING!  

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I help businesses and real estate investors get funding when traditional bank financing is unavailable. Additionally, I help businesses reduce expenses and lower their tax liability.

As a speaker, I motivate individuals and businesses to achieve their best.  

As a business strategist, I motivate clients by objectively vetting business ideas, bringing those ideas to fruition, and maximizing business efficiency. 

During my one-hour and two-hour Business Savage Sessions, I advise individuals and business owners by listening to challenges and offering clear and frank action steps to overcome those challenges. If you want to learn to be a Business Savage and take your idea or company to the next level, I'm your expert!  


The No-Rejection Connection: Wake Up Your Sleeping Network

Legal Shield: Personal & Business Legal Services

Legal Shield

Welcome to the No Nonsense Market Domination Radio Show hosted by David Wilson AKA The Business Savage.

My goal each week is to tackle business challenges HEAD ON with real-life examples and laugh-out-loud stories that lead to THE IMMEDIATE ACTION STEPS you can take TODAY to begin to DOMINATE your market!

If you want an entertaining and informative big-picture view of business growth and strategy to include sales, marketing, networking, and business mindset solutions, then this is the show for you! Join The Sav to DOMINATE YOUR MARKET so we can Change the World...one business at a time!

Listen to David LIVE on the IBGR Business Growth Radio App for Android and iOS. Download from Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

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"It is rare to find someone with both the passion and skill set to manage, lead and inspire such diverse groups of business people. Combine this with David's commitment to getting the job done and you have a real winner. David should be the first person you pick for your team!"

Ben Meredith, Zoho Consulting Partner

Anu Business Consulting LLC




I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand your needs and your challenges. Expect me to ask lots of questions to be sure we have a good fit.  


Together, we shall take all the information to formulate our ACTION PLAN! 


What is missing from most consulting and business engagements is the actual EXECUTION of the ACTION PLAN. When we are done, you'll know exactly where you're going and HOW I can help you get there!


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